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Built Environment Symposium: TOMORROW


The Built Environment PhD Program at the University of Washington is hosting their 2nd Annual Symposium on the Built Environment tomorrow morning in Gould Court. This year’s panel topics are focused on integration–come by and check it out!


THIS FRIDAY: BE+ More Symposium

Our year-long planning efforts are almost complete! This Friday morning, the students in the Built Environments PhD Program will be hosting a symposium on interdisciplinarity and the built environment. Please stop by Gould Court anytime between 9 and noon to engage in this series of important conversations about our college and its future. Food and refreshments will be served. See you there!

Participating on each of the three panels will be:

Panel 1: Interdisciplinary Research

Jonathan Childers, BE PhD student
Bob Mugerauer, UDP & BE PhD Program director
Margaret O’Mara, History
Vikram Prakash, Architecture

(moderated by Daniel Coslett, BE PhD student)

Panel 2: Critical Design

Ginger Daniel, MLA student
Brian McLaren, Architecture
Rick Mohler, Architecture
Julie Parrett, Landscape Architecture

(moderated by James Thompson, BE PhD student)

Panel 3: College-wide BE curricula

Chris Campbell, UDP & CEP Program director
Carrie Dossick, Construction Management
Cheryl Gilge, BE PhD student
Ken Oshima, Architecture

(moderated by Jennifer Kim, BE PhD student)


Last talk of the quarter: 3/6 with Juca De Oliveira

Join the Critical Design GIG in our last talk of the quarter by Juca De Oliveira, who is sharing his work on an innovative year-long project on community-based design in the working class neighborhoods of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

When: Wed. March 6th
Where: Gould 110, 6pm-8pm
Food provided

De Oliveira’s description of the project:
pelôLAB is the resulting project of a year’s work done by a group of Architecture & Urban Planning students in Salvador, BA, Brazil from March to December, 2010. In our final urban design studio, we were encouraged to question the traditional, hegemonic methods of coming up with information and “data” for urban design projects. Pelourinho has staged a very sad history of abandon, gentrification and tourism-oriented urban renewals that only aggravated the social tensions existing in surrounding areas. Our investigations had us participate in people’s lives and spend several months developing ways of understanding people’s collective memories and sense of place, as well as critically evaluating the role of time, in addition to space, as an important factor in the social and political dynamics happening in those areas of the city. The result is an extensive survey of qualitative (vs. the often only quantitative found in traditional methods) information, with huge input from community members, that allowed us to trace ideas for a more balanced urban development plan for the neighborhoods of Saúde, Taboão, Carmo and Pelourinho, in the historic center of the city.

Join us next Wednesday 2/20: Ginger Daniel

Mark your calendar for our next get together. Come and engage in a thought provoking discussion about Ginger Daniel’s thesis research on:

Designing for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in the Developing World
When: Wed 2/20, 5:30-7:30pm
Where: Gould 110, UW Main Campus
Dinner provided

About the topic:
Addressing gender inequality and women’s empowerment has been globally recognized as a breakthrough strategy for addressing all major development goals and as a precondition for overcoming poverty, hunger and disease. While designers (architects, landscape architects, planners, engineers) are frequently moved or called to serve in the developing world, they are not necessarily equipped to see and understand unique challenges due to gender inequality. Without this lens, design interventions may not address these needs and have the potential to further reinforce existing obstacles, discrimination or influences of the built environment. As designers, how do we approach our design process and interventions to attend to these critical gender dynamics and development opportunities?

Ginger Daniel is a third-year Masters of Landscape Architecture student with more than 10 years of professional experience in the gender and development field. She has worked with the Global Fund for Women, the Association for Women in Development, the US Agency for International Development, and served as Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala. She sits on the Board of Architects Without Borders-Seattle.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming events

Wed Feb 20 @ 5:30pm Designing for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment in the Developing World with Ginger Daniel (3rd year Masters student in Landscape Architecture)
Wed March 6 @ 6pm pelôLAB_2010: New Design Approaches in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil with Juca de Oliveira (visiting Masters student in Landscape Architecture)
Details to come…