NYC’s Folk Art Museum building doomed?


From today’s New York Times

The news that MoMA has plans to tear down the Folk Art Museum building in Midtown Manhattan is not new news. Their plans to expand and raze the building have been in the works for years–public outcry seems to only have temporarily delayed their decision.

What is most illuminating in this article are the quotes from various critics, preservationists, and architects. At this point in the process, they aren’t making arguments for preserving the building so much as they are lamenting the action as a harbinger for American architecture and society. For instance, Goldberger perceives the decision as evidence of a decay of imagination in American culture. Gehry seems to be shielding architects from criticism, making the age-old claim that they are mere servants to the wishes of their client masters. And Stern comes across as an elitist misanthrope…big surprise.

I’d be curious to know what sorts of arguments (and by whom) may have made a better case for preserving the pubescent building.


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