Roger Lee lecture: May 15, 7pm

UW Geography Presents: A Stice Memorial Lecture

Sensational economy? Ethics, politics and economic geographies

Roger Lee (Queen Mary, University of London)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013, 7-8:30 pm Kane Hall Room 210

Reception to follow in the Walker-Ames Room

Scholarly practices of framing may not only be restrictive and misleading but, if devoid of sentience and geography, also ignore insights into a range of influences on human understanding and practice and of political possibilities for change. Such is certainly the case with most theorizations/conceptualizations of economic practices. But can sentient dependency be reconciled with the imperative of economic sustainability across space and time? This question involves the determination in the first instance by the economic, a conception which enables a politics that is radical and open yet not divorced from economic imperatives. Such a space
for a politics of value reflects the ‘ordinary economy’– the formative intersection of values and the practice of Theories of Value in the
construction of economic geographies. But the practical question remains: how to mobilize a real politics of economic change which is itself sustainable across space and through time?

Roger Lee is Emeritus Professor of Geography, Queen Mary, University of London.  He is an intellectual leader in economic geography and has published extensively on topics relating to global-local ties, and informal local economic networks. In particular, his work on integrating cultural and social geography into mainstream economic geography is path-breaking and helped produce a whole new area of research in geography. He is also an extraordinarily interdisciplinary thinker and the author of numerous books that tie economic geography to emerging research themes in anthropology, sociology and cultural studies. He has served as an editor of several journals and consultant for academic publishers and governments. He is currently the chief editor of the Sage Handbook of Human Geography,
scheduled for publication in 2013.


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