Seattle Architecture Foundation’s Annual Model Exhibit, Call for Entries


World/City: The Architecture of Global Relationships

Theme summary:
Design today, more than ever, is without borders. Architecture and design professionals are creating and producing on an international stage. Inspiration, ideas, and strategies are dispersed and exchanged instantaneously, facilitated in part by our always connected digital technologies and an economy increasingly driven by global emerging markets. The growth of innovative design today is very much the result of a cross pollination of methods, techniques, multinational partnerships, and responses to the diversity and density escalated by global immigration to urban centers.

As designers are challenging boundaries, is our architecture and built environment embodying a more global style? What is Seattle design? And how is the work of Seattle designers interpreted and adapted abroad?

Call for Entries
How have you, as a practicing architect, student or design firm, responded to this theme of global exchange and collision that is driving the development of our cities? The selection committee is interested in exhibiting models of project sites abroad but also interested in projects based in Seattle with global connections or influences. We invite you to submit your design projects that explore the impact of global relationships, whether taking the form of a physical model, 2D image, or digital design. We will select thoughtful work that displays these concepts for the 2013 SAF Model Exhibit.

You can find the Call for Entries form here.


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