David Baker lecture at UW: April 30th


Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 | 6:30 PM | David Baker

David Baker | David Baker Architects, San Francisco

The Multiplier of Good 

Reception at 5:30PM in Arch 250
Lecture 6:30PN in Architecture Hall 147 | University of Washington

Sponsored by Mahlum Architects

David Baker FAIA LEED AP founded San Francisco-based David Baker Architects in 1982. With a focus on sustainable affordable housing, the firm has come to be known for combining social concern with a signature design character. David Baker Architects has designed and built more than 8,000 affordable housing units throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and has received more than 160 local and national architectural design awards, including the AIA California Council’s 2012 Distinguished Practice honor. In 2010 David was given Hearthstone Builder Humanitarian Award, which honors the housing industry’s 30 most influential and innovative people of the past 30 years. Born and raised in a passive-solar rammed-earth house in Arizona of his father’s design, David has held a lifelong interest in architecture, design, sustainable building, and the DIY ethic. His most recent projects are Zero Cottage—a net-zero LEED Platinum urban home—and StoreFrontLab, a year-long exploration of the storefront as a place of community, creativity and local industry.  www.dbarchitect.com.



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