Billie Faircloth lecture tonight: Arch Hall 147 @ 6:30pm

Billie Faircloth, KieranTimberlake Architects Lecture “Notes on an experiment”

Join the College of Built Environments for the 2013 Mithun Endowed Lecture. At which scales are architectural problems solved? How long may it take to solve them? Who participates in the problem solving process? Billie Faircloth will consider answers to these questions in a presentation that dissects and re-presents the formation, recent projects, and agency of the KieranTimberlake Research Group (KTRG), a trans-disciplinary team whose processes are integral to the award winning architecture firm of KieranTimberlake. Faircloth’s talk will purposefully make messy the process by which architecture comes into being, to challenge perceptions of design problem inputs, their origin, and range. She will demonstrate how ideas, beliefs, and methods intrinsic to architectural practice demarcate an exclusive and artificial boundary separating variables that may or may not  participate in the problem solving process. The position of architect as knowledge producer rather than knowledge consumer will be taken as a way to expand practices into the realm of trans-disciplinary research.


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