Seeking Visual Urbanists

A call for collaborators. Contact information is at the end of the post:

The International Association of Visual Urbanists (iAVU) is an academic and
creative arts organisation that aims to foster the study and use of visual
materials within urban research. We are committed to creating an inclusive
forum where researchers, scholars and creative practitioners from various
disciplines (including sociology, anthropology, geography, urban studies,
cultural studies, media, art practice, architecture, photography and film)
can discuss, exchange ideas, study and produce a range of knowledge forms
related to urban visual research.

We organise an annual international conference designed to promote dialogue
and debate around developments and concerns within contemporary visual
urbanism. Additionally, iAVU provides a number of related educational and
research initiatives including workshops, practical/theoretical training in
visual research methods, seminars and discussion based events

For more information or to join the iAVU please visit the website:
Rachel Jones
Visit the website at


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