Last talk of the quarter: 3/6 with Juca De Oliveira

Join the Critical Design GIG in our last talk of the quarter by Juca De Oliveira, who is sharing his work on an innovative year-long project on community-based design in the working class neighborhoods of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

When: Wed. March 6th
Where: Gould 110, 6pm-8pm
Food provided

De Oliveira’s description of the project:
pelôLAB is the resulting project of a year’s work done by a group of Architecture & Urban Planning students in Salvador, BA, Brazil from March to December, 2010. In our final urban design studio, we were encouraged to question the traditional, hegemonic methods of coming up with information and “data” for urban design projects. Pelourinho has staged a very sad history of abandon, gentrification and tourism-oriented urban renewals that only aggravated the social tensions existing in surrounding areas. Our investigations had us participate in people’s lives and spend several months developing ways of understanding people’s collective memories and sense of place, as well as critically evaluating the role of time, in addition to space, as an important factor in the social and political dynamics happening in those areas of the city. The result is an extensive survey of qualitative (vs. the often only quantitative found in traditional methods) information, with huge input from community members, that allowed us to trace ideas for a more balanced urban development plan for the neighborhoods of Saúde, Taboão, Carmo and Pelourinho, in the historic center of the city.


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