Upcoming event: Tracy Fuentes, January 30th

Tracy _ poster

Join us for our next event on Wednesday, January 30th in Gould 110 from 5:30-7:30pmFood and drinks provided.

Visions of La Esmelda (Smeltertown): New Urbanism, environmental justice, and brownfield redevelopment along the US-Mexico border

Tracy Fuentes, PhD student in the Interdisciplinary Urban Design and Planning Program, will present a case study of an urban brownfield site in the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez international metropolitan region. Following remediation, the most recent chapter in the history of La Esmelda (Smeltertown) includes plans to redevelop the site using New Urbanism design principles. But as the City of El Paso and the site trustee attempt to “recast the smelter” do the design and planning processes appropriately address the site history and affected communities? Can good design repair the wounded urban fabric and improve the quality of life and urban function?

Come learn more about this site’s history and join the conversation on the role of design in environmental justice and brownfield redevelopment. For more background info on the site and some video interviews, check out this site.


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